How can branding bring a family company to life?

The Challenge: Brian Lish, his wife and four children decided to sell high-quality wooden products. While they have focused primarily on artisan crosses, it was important for them to maintain a level of approachability to appeal to a universal audience which would enjoy their more secular offerings.


The Solution: We began with a logo design process to define the delicate brand personality. The initial direction we pursued was to embrace a clean and modern look but we also included a version that was inspired by classical typography styles prevalent in biblical texts. While not what was originally planned, it was this subtle reference that stood out. With a new conceptual direction we refined the look until the final version that balances legibility with classical personality.

Early Logo Concepts

Once the logo was refined, it was time to tackle the deceivingly complicated web store. Not only did it need to work flawlessly, but it needed to create an intuitive shopping experience for the end user – all while ensuring the experience was consistent on all devices. With a live preview of nearly 1,000 combinations this was no easy task – but we were up for the challenge.

The Result: The brand and web store launched smoothly, providing a simple yet robust avenue for these one-of-a-kind products to reach homes across the country.

“GGMD's staff did a remarkable job of producing a brand for handcrafted goods for the Lish family. Starting with a simple concept to logo design, product offering and website development, they were part of the project every step of the way. While keeping a heart-warming, Christian theme in mind, GGMD staff was instrumental in developing an Interactive website with ease of ordering of products for "real life" situations. The 6Lishes brand is a ground-up endeavor that will continue to grow and add products with the assistance of GGMD. The Lish Family is extremely proud of the 6Lishes brand and accomplishments of the GGMD team.”

Brian Lish6Lishes,