We have no niche,which is why our clients are so diverse. Each project is unique and our process produces results regardless of the industry.

Through our many years of partnership, Griffin Brothers has utilized our services exclusively, allowing us to thoroughly refine their brand. Their consistent and professional image sets Griffin Brothers apart from the competition, and has helped them earn respect both within the public eye and their industry.
services provided advertising development/placement • brand development • marketing plans • SEO - web design • print collateral • social media management • copywriting • radio spots • tv production - media buying • e-communication • public relations • interior and exterior signage • photography • outdoor advertising • direct mail • promotional items
Formerly Jasper Library Furniture Since 2009, we have had the incredible opportunity to help NC-based furniture designer and manufacturer, LIAT, establish a sophisticated brand language to align with the caliber of clients they serve.
services provided rebranding (logo) • web design • print collateral • e-communication • copywriting
Since 2013 we have worked with Big Chief Tire to better position their four Jacksonville, FL locations in preparation for future growth. Starting with a sophisticated and sustainable branding revitalization effort, we continually work to maximize the impact of their marketing dollars. Our efforts connect their commitment to excellent service with a brand voice and identity that speak to the same values.
services provided rebranding • web design • print collateral • social media content creation
A wide range of activities, services and facilities separate this Charlotte-based country club from the crowd. We have had the pleasure of raising Pine Island to new levels of success and telling their story through multiple outlets since 2006. Focusing on increasing exposure and creating appropriate positioning, we continually work with their team to create a unique and engaging user experience on every level of interaction.
services provided advertising development/placement • web design • brand development • print collateral • e-communication • copywriting • marketing plans • photography • newsletters • promotional items - signage
We are proud to be long-term partners with Cornerstone as they expand their business to the national level. With revitalized goals and multi-company branding challenges, we are pleased to provide a variety of marketing and design services to further promote their brand.
services provided rebranding • web design • ad design • print collateral • video production • photography • copywriting
Lancaster's BBQ is an established chain that has been utilizing our services since 2014, with a recently renewed contract for further efforts. We have refined the brand of this local favorite, with attention to retaining and embracing their existing brand equity.
services provided brand development • web design tv scripts/production • media buying • social media management • content creation • menu design • print collateral • advertising development/placement • marketing plans • photography • direct mail
From initial restaurant concept development to their launch in 2013 and through their continual evolution, our partnership with Chillfire has helped position this fine dining location as the most desirable in its region. Chillfire's incredible menu and service, paired with our careful attention to identity and branded materials, has contributed to their “big city” feel with a local personality.
services provided logo design • brand development • web design • advertising development/placement • photography • print collateral • signage • menu design • special event promotions
In addition to these featured companies, we’ve also had the pleasure of working with the following companies:

Ada Jenkins

Angels and Sparrows Soup Kitchen

Aquesta Bank

Blue Sky Farm

Bunker Land Group

Casseroles & Beyond

Coatings 2000

Davidson Rotary Club

Dressler’s Restaurant

Epic Chophouse

Family Style Handyman

Greenway Waste Solutions

Habitat For Humanity

Hill Orthodontics

Jeffrey’s Restaurant

Jewel Box

Kevin Richardson Grading

Lake Norman Health Clinic

Lake Norman Charter School

March of Dimes

Dr. Mark Tompkins

North American Landscape

Peninsula Community Foundation

Puppy Luv

Solace for the Children

Skyline Terrace

Sports Village

Summit Leadership Partners

Teammates 4 Life

The Peninsula Club

Windward Capital

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