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"GGMD has played a major role in the rebranding efforts of JLF to LIAT. We aimed to increase our speed to market, broaden our markets and continue to push our cutting edge product design, all of which GGMD has helped make a success. With GGMD's involvement through creative ideas, development and website design, LIAT has benefited with increased volume and brand awareness nationwide. LIAT continues to add product collections and website development in partnership with GGMD."

Brian Lish,
President of LIAT

"In the tire industry, there is mainly one company that handles nearly EVERY tire company website. It’s a lot of cut and paste, and a lot of fluff, and visually very boring. Tired of my site looking like every other tire dealers site, I decided to seek out a company that could build me a GREAT website, and also a great brand.

GGMD has proved to be just that. I had a basic idea about what we wanted with a finished product when we started the project. My site does not look much like that idea, but it looks 1000 times better. Their creativity took over, and they led me through the process of converting what was in my head to something that was so much better!

Through the 1st 5 months of this year, my website has seen 5,340 MORE unique users than through the same period last year – that is a 62% increase! While I feel like that speaks for itself, GGMD has done so much more than that.

When we were in the process of building the new site, we were also redesigning our company logo. They had designed what ended up being our new company logo, and we weren’t completely satisfied. I wanted the main focus to be our chief, but still have a “tire theme” to go with it. In the past, marketing companies I have worked with would have done exactly that. Make the customer happy, by doing exactly what he ask, even though they are the experts. GGMD held their ground. They let me know they were happy to give me some other mock-ups to look at, but they wanted to deliver a clear message and strongly felt like a “tire theme” would water down the message. I wear the logo on my shirt virtually every day, and I can say with absolute certainty they were right. I appreciate a business that has conviction to go along with their expertise, and I get them from GGMD every time they do anything for me.

We’ve been in business for 50 years, and have tired MANY companies that claimed they could help us brand and market ourselves successfully. GGMD is the first company who has made that claim, and followed through. They’re an A+ in my book!"

Reed Parman,
President of Big Chief Tire

"As COO and General Manager of Pine Island Country Club, I looked for partners to our business and not just vendors. GGMD has been a partner to me for the past 12 years. The team is knowledgeable, creative, energetic, positive-thinking, open to suggestions and dedicated to going the extra mile. Be it increasing our customer/membership base to promoting events/catering options to assisting with a company function to building a company internet site, GGMD has been that beacon of light that helps guide our company through the ever changing marketing and social media avenues. I strongly recommend Ginger Griffin Marketing & Design."

Joe Brenkus,
COO and previous General Manager of Pine Island

“To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical at first about what Ginger and her team could do to help improve our brand image and increase traffic for my barbecue restaurants. They definitely exceeded my expectations - so much so that I asked them the next year to help completely rebrand and promote another business I have, Jeffrey's Restaurant. They dive in a project and get it done and they make it as stress free as possible. I’m a fan!”

Jeff Lancaster,
Owner, Lancaster’s BBQ founder and owner and owner of Jeffrey’s Restaurant

“I have had such great success with the team at Ginger Griffin Marketing and Design that we are starting the birth of a new project. The team takes great care in listening to the concept of your business and the ideas and direction that you would like to proceed. There is more than just a name to a business but also an identity. GGMD has exceeded my expectations in capturing all the components that brand a company and makes it stand out. I found the whole process very enlightening and with the knowledge I gained was better able to articulate my vision and direction in my next project. We all have friends and family that are 'Graphic Artists'. Trust me you get what you pay for.”

Jim Morasso,
President of JAM Restaurants: Epic Chophouse, Chillfire Bar & Grill & Webb Custom Kitchen

“GGMD's staff did a remarkable job of producing a brand for handcrafted goods for the Lish family. Starting with a simple concept to logo design, product offering and website development, they were part of the project every step of the way. While keeping a heart-warming, Christian theme in mind, GGMD staff was instrumental in developing an Interactive website with ease of ordering of products for "real life" situations. The 6Lishes brand is a ground-up endeavor that will continue to grow and add products with the assistance of GGMD. The Lish Family is extremely proud of the 6Lishes brand and accomplishments of the GGMD team.”

Brian Lish6Lishes,

"The creative team at GGMD did an incredible job. They listened to who I was, dug deep into what I needed and captured the essence of my company in a full package of branding. I love working with them!"

Owner of The Kaliana Company

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