How can a few thoughtful pieces elevate a business driven by relationships?

The Challenge: Bunker Land Group has been a successful business for many years, but their brand image was dated and uninspiring, which created a massive disconnect from the classy yet approachable personality they possess. They needed a classic, clean, and no-frills image, and we knew just what to do.


The Solution: Our process began with a deep understanding of their business and the audience they serve. As the public face of the company, Dennis educated us that his business was almost entirely relationship-based, which we decided would be best supported with classy, powerful photography to put him in the forefront of the web presence. 360 Visuals, a local video & photography production powerhouse, helped our client get comfortable to capture a great set of material for us to work with.

A straight-forward sort of pair, grayscale was a logical choice to add a sense of timelessness and create visual drama without distraction, aside from full color headshots on the about page.

Sometimes the right color for a brand is no color at all.

While the shots ranged from posh to playful, it was the warm & friendly smile that became the starting point for the website.

Although they were uninterested in a logo redesign at the start of our relationship, it became clear to our client that their previous solution was a sore spot on their new website. Clean, simple typography paired with an understated set of stripes nodded to the III at the end of his name, while also creating an abstract representation of structure and growth. Fitting for a real estate development professional.

Before/After Logo Comparison

The Result: With a business that operates fully on personal interactions, we equipped this team with a beautiful letterpress business card printed on black stock for a memorable and distiguished impression, and our client has enjoyed a renewed energy and pride for the work they do.

"The team at made me comfortable with their confidence and clear vision. They guided me every step of the way and gently pushed me outside of my comfort zone to a great final product. I love my new material and have gotten LOTS of great feedback. I highly recommend!"

Dennis Bunker III,
Co-owner of Bunker Land Group