How can an updated brand prepare an established company for the future?

The Challenge: C F Parks is a concierge-level wealth management company that is in a time of multi-layered evolution. With a client base that is getting progressively younger and the founder’s daughter aligning for a near-future takeover, they needed an updated brand personality to help with the transitions and prepare for what’s next.


The Solution: Growth with sophistication was at the center of the conceptual process. The previous logo attempted to approach this idea, but the new solution made it more clear and memorable. With the help of the simplification of the company name, the logo has been implemented on a wide range of material.

Previous Logo

Final Logo

To support the new logo, we developed the tagline “live brilliantly” as a double entendre meaning to not only live with intelligence but also brilliance in the sense of luminosity. Their passionate team believes deeply in lifting the weight of financial worry off their clients’ shoulders to allow them to shine more brightly in their lives, but it takes a smart plan to get there.

Armed with a sentiment of living fully, we built a fully responsive website around this idea, which features new photography by My Creative Team, capturing a sense of warmth and joy that is felt immediately upon meeting this special company.

The Result: An entirely renewed energy pulses through the team which has inspired a wave of internal improvements all to better serve their clientele. Only at the beginning of this transition, we look forward to supporting this small-town country with a big heart.