How do you satisfy the hardest client in the world?

The Challenge: Ginger Griffin Marketing and Design (or GGMD, if you’d prefer) has been in business since 1997, and the climate of the company has seen a lot of changes over the years. With our evolving personnel and services, as well as our revitalized commitment to provide the best solutions to our clients, we needed a more appropriate first impression. We realized that it wasn’t fair for the cobbler’s kids to have old shoes, so it was time to work with the hardest client in the world: ourselves.


The Solution: As with all rebranding efforts, an important first step is to identify what equity existed in the branding. Two important elements made the cut: the color purple and two Gs as an identifying symbol (referred to as a mark).

Previous Logo/Color Palette

Starting with a conversation about who we are, we identified a few goals. First and foremost, the tone of our image needed to reflect our professionalism as well as the wide range of clients we service, being that we are not an industry niche firm. Secondly, we aimed to develop a simple symbol that could represent the duality of our services that exist under the same roof: marketing and design. For us, these two very different worlds work together intimately and harmoniously, so we didn’t just want two visual elements. We need the two to work together.

Early Sketches

Early Concepts

Through many sketches and much research, we came to a few viable directions, but one stood out. With careful refinement using simple geometry, we created something that excited our entire team. It feels fun and creative, but with a clean and professional personality. It is a stylistic representation of two Gs, but in a more subtle way than its predecessor. It built on the strengths but created new ones as well. To allow the mark to be the featured element, we carefully created a type treatment that possesses solidarity and authority but with an approachable undertone.

Sketch and Development

Previous/New Color Palette

Final Logo

The Result: As you hopefully agree, our web portfolio and overall brand image has been updated to embrace a more appropriate, sophisticated and professional solution, one that we are excited to stand behind as we push the company to new heights. We are excited about the future with our existing clients and look forward to the ones we have yet to meet.