How can rebranding bring new life to an established town-favorite?

The Challenge: After 15 years in the business, Jeffrey’s Restaurant wanted to add new energy to their space and image. With no intention of pushing away those that have come to love “the way it’s always been”, we needed to craft a brand that pushed things forward but maintained authenticity to what has been established.


The Solution: While conducting a significant discovery process, we delved into the minds of the guests, employees and an eager, but cautious owner to learn what was and was not working for their brand experience. Using this as valuable fuel, we began the brand-shaping with an updated logo family.

Before/After Logo Comparison

Logo Family

Looking to attract a wider range of guests, an approachable but sturdy all-American personality was embraced, perfectly suited for their traditional cuisine. From there, we implemented this personality through many brand touchpoints, building a solid foundation to fuel an aggressive marketing campaign.

This included menu design, web design, brand development, copywriting, interior design, building signage, advertisements, branded merchandise and overall guidance to make as much impact as possible.

Storefront signage was carefully considered, utilizing existing structures but creating an entirely new energy and more impactful first impression. We recommended the painting of a strong black stripe on the building to create alluring contrast for the new logo.

Previous/New Menu Comparison

Effective menus are equal parts science and art. We carefully crafted a useful and cohesive branding piece that has been extremely well-received by guests and employees alike.

current interior/proposed mockups

In an effort to create as immersive of a brand experience as possible, we presented numerous interior design mockups that explored ways the new personality could reach guests.

The Result: With a solid foundation in place, Jeffrey’s Restaurant is poised for success. We look forward to opportunities to help this local favorite push forward in a most exciting time of their history.