How can a new website help position a brand to take over the #1 spot?

The Challenge: Johnston Sweepers has a comfortable position as the #2 street sweeper in North America. Although their website handled the basic needs, it was cluttered and challenging to use, and the overall message was lacking creative power. That’s where we came in.


The Solution: A top-to-bottom renovation of the message, photography, content organization, and design. All of this was started with conversations to cultivate clarity on how the new site could best serve the business they do.

With an emphasis on developing a bold, yet straight-forward personality, we utilized the outstanding photography of My Creative Team as a backbone, and developed branded language to bring the images to life.

A good-looking website isn’t enough; it needs to speak your authentic voice.

We positioned everything next to three key words: simple, reliable, and productive. Throughout the site, we used those words to create a cohesive message and reiterate what can be expected not only from the products they sell, but also the experience of working with the company itself.

Each page uses strong typography choices to allow the visitor to immediately understand the key points with the option to go deeper.

In addition to the public-facing side of the website, a password-protected side for dealers is visually cohesive yet the focus was still the end user and what their individual needs are.

The Result: Launched in August of 2018, we will be tracking the analytical results and improving the site, but for now, our client is excited and we are too!