How can branding help a product go from niche to universal?

The Challenge: Kaliana’s products exist in an emerging category that continues to catch serious ground, known as emotional care. While the company’s handmade products are backed by science, they have often been written off by the mainstream as “hippie” or “new age”. With a confidence behind the products’ benefits and a growing public interest, the company knew the time had come to shift their image to reach universal appeal.


The Solution: The first step was to investigate the market and absorb as much information as possible about the founder’s unique expertise and the company’s product line. After deep consideration, two unique directions were ultimately considered, but we confidently went with one that conveyed a friendly, warm and approachable personality. Starting with pencil and paper, we carefully handcrafted a type treatment that represented self-empowerment and happiness and would appeal to most demographics and ages.

Early Logo Sketches

Early Logo Concepts

Before/After Logo Comparison

After the logotype was refined, we curated a family of colors that supported a flexible and lively personality, which also identified the six unique formulas on the shelves. We then worked with the founder to select effective, simple and approachable titles that captured the essence of what each formula offered. In addition, each formula received a unique hand-drawn icon that added a friendly charm and further developed the personality of the brand.

Preliminary Icon Sketches

Final Icons/Color Scheme

Thorough research and consideration was placed on the development of Kaliana’s packaging, which needed to contain all essential information on the label itself, adhering to strict regulatory controls. To maintain the approachable and simple image we established, we focused on keeping as much white space on the label as possible and chose a recyclable, lighter plastic bottle, retiring their previous glass bottles. This helped the client reduce shipping costs and was better aligned with the cleanliness of her the new style. The use of their color scheme and symbols was imperative to differentiate between formulas, and created a cohesive and memorable style for her line of six formulas across three product types.

Before/After Label Design

The Result: Kaliana’s dramatic image change earned the company much attention within the market, and they have successfully expanded their market reach to the national level. They have also increased their overall exposure and have added several products/formulas.

"The creative team at did an incredible job. They listened to who I was, dug deep into what I needed and captured the essence of my company in a full package of branding. I love working with them!"

Owner of The Kaliana Company