How can confidence inspire positioning for a brand personality?

The Challenge: LIAT Furniture came to us with the intent to revamp their website, but we all agreed a simple facelift would not satisfy the underlying goals of repositioning their business for an evolving audience.

The Solution: With clarity at the center of our process, we established goals and strategies to add more energy to the brand voice. This provided the audience with more of what they seek, and created a modular website system for efficient updates.

As the “little guys” effectively competing in a market of companies many times their size, it became clear that confidence must ooze from their updated message. This was not a time for being humble, but to assert authenticity about their integrity, quality, and overall value as a furniture expert.

There is a fine line between being humble and invisible.

As we experimented with language development, a clear and consistent tone of boldness with a touch of humor resulted in the desired brand personality shift. This, in turn, required a style update to support it.

Evolving the visual side of a brand thoughtfully without throwing away everything previously established is a challenge we take seriously. For LIAT, we carefully evolved the style to utilize some core brand elements but with a bolder, more confident approach that supported the personality goals within the project.

This allowed their many existing printed pieces to remain relevant while our efforts could focus on creating what’s needed for the future rather than taking an expensive path of updating the past.

The style and tone used throughout the website has already been introduced into some printed materials, giving a fresh feel while remaining cohesive with previous materials that will be used in tandem.

The Result: With an evolved foundation of brand identity, LIAT is re-energized both internally and externally to challenge the possibilities of what a small group of passionate furniture experts can accomplish. Their website is more useful than ever for their sales team, rebuilt and reconsidered for their audience, and serves as a 24/7 voice for their growing brand.